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VISOR® Cameras for factory automation

Hardware + Software = VISOR® by SensoPart 

With our portfolio of vision solutions, we cover a wide spectrum of industrial image processing. A high-performance smart camera fitted in a compact and light-weight housing forms the heart of our VISOR® vision sensors. They feature innovative solutions, such as a target laser for simple mechanical alignment or motorised focus for automatic adjustment to your individual operating distance.

The hardware is optimally enhanced by the VISOR® software, which enables the set up of applications in a few simple steps and the adjustment of process parameters. Thanks to the software, the process can also be continuously monitored.

What is new

Individual overlays

Now you can display relevant information and results directly in the image. With just a few clicks, you can set up a color scheme based on the result. Seeing all the important data right away makes system maintenance easier and helps quickly detect and fix errors. . More transparency, more efficiency, more acceptance.

  • Inspection of injection molded parts and display of the inspection result, error type and article number
  • Display of the class name in the “Classification (AI)” detector
  • Display of the content of DMCs, barcodes or text
  • Position information on the part and number of parts

Contour check detector

Our new contour check detector enables you to compare object contours precisely, quickly, and reliably with a previously trained reference countour.

  • Metal processing (deformations, cracks, burrs)
  • Inspection of imprints, e.g. pad printing
  • Checking the shape of injection molded parts (over- / under-injections)

We go one step further with

  • expanded result processing functions, including new operators for robotics applications
  • new measurement functions for calculating lines, intersections etc.
  • new security features, such as device password protection to meet current IT security requirements.

Examples of Aplications

Visor AI

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Code reader

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All Round

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V50 5Mp

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Visor UV

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Different detections require a multitude of detectors. An fully automatic line must know every step of the way what and where are all the components to make calculated split seconds decisions. 


Simple Setup


 Hand Eye Calibration

Visor UR Cap

Easy Setup 

Visor UV 

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