Solutions and services

We develop solutions that enable simple, effortless, and convenient user experiences with all kinds of industrial processes. So that the technology around us makes life easier for us and that we can focus on what really matters in life.

Vision Solutions

Calibration methods Target Mark technology provides 3D object Simplified installation through 3D grip

Custom Feeding

Flexible parts feeding system for automated production lines using industrial robots or cobots

Sensors Solutions

Reliable detection of objects with critical surfaces and highly transparent objects Available in different housing options

Material Supply

With over 5,000 industrial items of inventory, Bost has the resources to quickly acquire almost anything you need. Our technical department can also help with custom parts.


Robotic Systems

With our flexible and user-friendly solutions, businesses of all sizes can automate tedious manual labor, maintain constant quality, and improve overall efficiency.


Maintenance of Machinery

Running a manufacturing plant or factory requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Industrial machines are essential components in the production process.

Trust and Worth

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